Porta Portese, Rome’s historic flea market


The most famous and varied flea market in Rome is the Porta Portese. On Sundays, more than 4,000 street stalls invade the Trastevere neighborhood.

Located outdoors, it is held every Sunday from approximately 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Like all markets, the earlier you go, the more bargains you will find. Also, if you haggle well, have patience and know how to search, you can find real bargains. The Porta Portese was born after World War II to market rural, collectible and second-hand products and as a meeting place for popular traditions.

Among its stalls you will find all kinds of items, from antiques and relics hundreds of years old to junk: collections of vinyl records, clothing and footwear, passing through stones to make jewelry, tableware, books, used bicycles and anything that one come to mind. Here everything is possible.

The lively atmosphere is enlivened with live music and concerts. The food stalls allow you to try typical dishes of the area such as porchetta sandwiches or ice cream. If you go early, have breakfast in the bars in the area, with the Romans. At noon, since you visit on Sunday morning, we recommend staying for lunch in the Trastevere area. In this list you can read the recommendations of Destino Roma.


Plano Porta Portese Roma

We recommend two routes: start from Porta Portese, the newest gate in the city and which gives its name to the market. Or from the Ippolito Nievo tram stop. I personally like this second option better, but it depends on each one.

The area of ​​Piazza Ippolito Nievo is that of antique dealers, while the access from Porta Portese is more modern, a flea market like any other. I want to clarify this because I have read numerous reviews from people who say that it is not worth it and is a waste of time.

The largest market in Italy Italy’s largest market struggles to maintain the artisan charm that has characterized it for more than sixty years in the face of frequent new stalls of low-quality merchandise. For this reason, Destino Roma recommends visiting it from this area, so that the experience is unforgettable and purely Roman. A single warning: take care of your belongings!!!!!

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